The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Sam Adams Cream Stout… just over eight years ago, my junior year of college, this was the first craft beer I ever tried. Up until that point my early college days consisted of drinking your everyday, run of the mill cheap and affordable mass produced brews (I won’t go into specifics but you get the idea). That cream stout was so unique and different from anything I had ever had before and really made me wonder, what had I been missing out on and what other, different options were out there for me to try?

Around that same time was an interesting and exciting time for me as a native Rhode Islander finding out that a local beer, Narragansett, was being reintroduced to the scene. It was cool to see a beer with such a storied history from our little state making a comeback… and if you ask any family members or friends from college, I was usually the one at a party, get together or out at the bar with a tallboy or pint of ‘gansett in my hand, supporting and enjoying the re-released local brew.

This really was the perfect storm of events that not only sparked my interest in craft beer but more so intrigued me on a much more local level. Since my college days years ago, it has been so interesting and amazing to watch the growth and transformation of the craft beer scene here in Rhode Island. There are old faces and new ones, established institutions and new comers to the scene, all providing Rhode Islanders (and New Englanders alike) with so many different beer options that didn’t exist even a handful of years ago. And this is what brings me full circle, back to my introductory post and the purpose of this whole blog… providing a personal perspective on the people, places and experiences behind the beers and culture this area has come to embrace.

Raise a glass and let us Prost Providence!