RI Girls Pint Out – Bringing Together Women & Beer One Pint at a Time

As the craft beer scene continues its growth across the nation, more and more people are finding ways to learn about different brews by interacting with other like-minded individuals, all while enjoying a product that is made in their local area. There are festivals, homebrew clubs, and a variety of groups who host events that help bring enthusiasts together. Over the years all of these avenues have seen their fair share of growth right here in Rhode Island. One such organization with a national presence, known as RI Girls Pint Out, established its own chapter right here in Little Rhody in 2013. The group’s purpose is to “build a community of women who love craft beer” (per their website). I had the opportunity to sit down with Meredith and Keri, our state’s chapter founders and organizers, to find out more about just what this local division is all about.

Both Meredith and Keri come from different backgrounds but share a love for beer and for their chapter’s involvement in the craft scene here in RI. As Meredith explained, “I had been following the Pint Out Boston chapter for a while. I’ve been in RI for 9 ½ years and with craft beer starting to grow I wanted to start up a local chapter here.” So in 2013, RI Girls Pint Out was founded. “I felt it was a way to support RI brewing and was also a great way to get women out and involved as well.” It was a year after that, at What Cheer Tavern, where Meredith and Keri actually met and since then have been working to spread the word and promoting the local chapter through various events and gatherings across the state.

It seems like the chapter itself is coming along at a perfect time in conjunction with our state’s craft beer scene. “Craft beer has grown exponentially here in the state. It’s a great scene that is really nice, collaborative and supportive. I’m excited to see RI on the map,” said Meredith. And while the group itself wants to promote women getting out to grab a brew or two with them, they don’t necessarily restrict others from coming out to join them either. I actually became familiar with the group at an event that I attended last year which took place at Stock Culinary Goods. It was at this event I first met Meredith and Keri and got a sense of how friendly, enthusiast and passionate they were about promoting craft beer through this local chapter.  “We aim for one event per season and mix in some casual monthly meetups. It’s low commitment and we get some great turnouts… and sometimes it also ends up being just the two of us.” As Keri added, “It is a great way to meet people and see their passion about beer.” From casual bottle swap events, to more formal get-togethers, RI Girls Pint Out are excited about bringing people, more specifically women, together to enjoy locally crafted beers.

So what might the future hold for RI Girls Pint Out? As Meredith puts it, “Interest in the group has grown as craft beer here in RI continues to grow. We love and continue to support local and having women come together is great. And who knows? Maybe one day in the near future we would love to do a collaborative beer with one of the breweries here.” The group continues to stay active by coming up with new ideas for their own events or locations for meet ups while also attending other local happenings and beer-centric gatherings. “We like to volunteer at fests and other events, it helps us spread the word and bring attention to our organization,” said Keri. You can tell that both Meredith and Keri embrace the local craft beer scene and are passionate about their local chapter as it continues to grow over time. And it is on that note I would like to thank the dynamic duo that is Meredith and Keri for their time, perspectives and the great conversation about all things craft beer. On behalf of Prost Providence, I raise my glass and Prost RI Girls Pint Out!



(To find out what RI Girls Pint Out are up to, be sure to go like their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/RIGPO).  You can also follow them on Twitter (@RIGirlsPintOut) and Instagram (@rigirlspintout) for updates and to follow their craft beer journey)

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