An Update from the Desk of Prost Providence

Summertime is in full swing here in Rhode Island and it is one of my favorite times of the year. The weather is great which means there are plenty of cookouts, weekends spent at the beach and lots of time being spent with family and friends. I’ve also had the chance to do some recent traveling as well, with 10 days spent in Greece, a mini getaway with friends on Block Island and even enjoyed a nice long 4th of July weekend up in North Conway, New Hampshire. With all of this going on, the blog has been on a little summer hiatus, if you will. But rest assured that I have also been out and about trying new local brews, chatting with the people who craft and enjoy them, all while working on some brand new interviews and posts for readers to enjoy.

For a sneak peek into what has been brewing here at Prost Providence, I’ll be featuring new information and insights from Ravenous Brewing, Long Live Beerworks, and catching up with Newport Storm. Also, to mix things up and stray from the local scene here in RI for a little bit, I’ll be recapping my visit to Santorini Brewing Company (aka Little Donkey).  They are only microbrewery on the Greek Island of Santorini which I was lucky enough to check out while on vacation. Honestly, there is never a dull moment, especially when it comes to craft beer and I’m excited to be working on all this new content.

As a part of this update post I wanted to take a moment to mention that after lots of back and forth and hard work by many people, better beer laws have finally been passed and are in full effect here in RI! For those who haven’t heard, on Tuesday June 28th, Governor Gina Raimondo signed Senate Bill 3053 Substitute A and House Bill 8100 Substitute B into law. In summary, this now allows breweries to sell up to 288 ounces of beer for off premise consumption (a big increase from the previous 72 ounce limit) and 36 ounces to be enjoyed for on premise consumption. This is a huge victory for our microbreweries who are now able to not only provide tastings and tours but also offer the opportunity for visitors to stick around for a pint or two and bring even more great beer home to enjoy.

Wrapping everything up, I’d like to take a minute to stop and thank my family, friends and all the people who have supported Prost Providence along the way so far. The amount of support, encouragement and feedback I’ve received continues to motivate me to get out there, explore our local community even further and gather more information to share. I truly appreciate the brewers and all those working within the local craft beer scene for taking the time to sit down and share with me their knowledge and passion. It’s always fun for me to strike up a conversation at a backyard BBQ or with a stranger at a bar or brewery and be able to talk about the great things going on within the local beer community, all thanks to your continued support. On behalf of myself, the blog, and of course local craft beer here in Rhode Island, I raise my glass and Prost Providence!

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