Bucket Brewery and O’Crepe – Teaming Up to Put a New Twist on Sunday Brunch

For some time now, Providence (and Rhode Island in general) has gained a reputation as being a foodie and culinary destination. The capital city has its fair share of well recognized dining options, as do plenty of other cities throughout the state. One part of the food scene that has been gaining attention are the local food trucks. You can find them scattered on various side streets, at local festivals and other recurring events, all offering a unique selection of food options to choose from. And what could be better to pair with a delicious bite to eat than a cold local craft beer? While beer might be easily associated with typical pairings like chicken wings, burgers or pizza, it is becoming more common place to find people and restaurants now putting craft brews together with a wider variety of different dishes. This concept of bringing these two things together is what Bucket Brewery had in mind, as they have teamed up with local food truck O’Crepe to now serve up a weekly Sunday brunch at the Pawtucket based brewery.

Bucket Brewery has been producing locally made beers here in RI since November 2012. They have a core lineup that features beers like the Pawtucket Pail Ale, Park Loop Porter, an Irish milk stout called Black Goat of the Woods and a newer addition, Leroy: The Million Dollar IPA. Nate Broomfield is the President of the brewery and he explained to me where the concept came from to offer a Sunday brunch. “When the state passed new laws allowing breweries to sell beer by the glass, I started looking at ways to make the brewery a fun place to hang out. The brunch idea struck when I was at Food Truck Friday and saw O’Crepe. From there it was a lot of brainstorming about how to make something like that work. So many people loved the idea that I decided to go ahead with it.” As Nate went on to say, the idea to team up with O’Crepe for this new event seemed like the perfect fit. “The main consideration was the type of food they serve. Crepes have flexibility to fit both breakfast and lunch perfectly. O’Crepe also has a good reputation. I definitely wanted to pair up with someone who was going to do something high quality. I spoke with Brian and his enthusiasm from the start, as well as his willingness to build something and be creative and flexible, convinced me that he’d be a good partner in this.”

The Brian who Nate mentioned is Brian Sousa, owner of O’Crepe, The Rolling Creperie. For a little insight and background, he told me that, “I’ve always wanted to own a restaurant but I’m actually a pretty risk averse person, so a food truck was the next best thing.” And when his original idea to open a Portuguese cuisine food truck didn’t pan out, he said that “We had to pivot into another cuisine and crepes were something that hadn’t been done yet on a food truck in Providence. My mother has always been whipping up crepes for my family since I could eat solid food so it was something I was comfortable with.” O’Crepe officially opened in August 2014 and for two years now they have been serving up both sweet and savory crepe options to hungry and eager customers. You can find the truck around the streets of Providence, at food truck related events and can even have them cater your own private event. So when it came to partnering up with Bucket Brewery for a Sunday brunch, Brian was fully onboard. “Nate, the owner of Bucket contacted me with the idea. I thought it was great and as soon as we were able to work out the details we got up and running.” As you can probably tell, both Nate and Brian are equally passionate about not only about what they do but about being able to put together a fun, different spin on the Sunday tradition of brunching that a variety of folks will be able to enjoy for months to come.

I was lucky enough to attend the first brunch which took place last Sunday, August 21st and, with a plan in place to make it a weekly event that will carry through into the late fall/winter months, I’m sure it won’t be my last. You may wonder what visitors will have to look forward to on the menu and the great news is that there are a variety of both sweet and savory crepes, along with some non-crepe brunch sides as well. Bucket is serving up their full lineup available on draft, their new Gose Mimosa, or for those opting for something non-alcoholic there is also OJ, milk and coffee to wash it all down. With a very reasonably priced menu on both sides and a café style ordering system, guests won’t miss the traditional brunch lines and crowded waits but will receive the same tableside service they’ve come to expect with food and beverage pairings that rival the best spots in the state. It’s quite true that craft beer and food continue to grow and evolve, especially here in RI, and it is great to see two local favorites team up to create an event that showcases both of these elements. Do yourself a favor and bring your friends, family and, most importantly, your appetite down to Bucket Brewery to enjoy a delicious Sunday brunch. I want to send out a very big thank you to Nate and Brian for both sharing some fantastic information and details about themselves and this great event. On behalf of Prost Providence, I raise my glass and Prost Bucket Brewery and O’Crepe!



(Be sure to check out both the Bucket Brewery (www.bucketbrewery.com) and the O’Crepe (www.ocreperi.com) websites for more information about these two businesses. You can also find them on Twitter (@BucketBrewery and @Ocreperi), Instagram (@bucketbrewery and @ocreperi) and on Facebook for even more up to date content and updates)

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