Prost Providence – A Year in Review

It might sound cliché to say, but it truly is funny how fast time flies. One year ago, Prost Providence went from being a fun concept/thought into a live, local perspective into an industry and the people behind it… a group of people I have a deep respect for. Craft beer is something I am passionate about, constantly studying, and learning more and more about each and every day. When you mix that with my love and enthusiasm for Rhode Island, the state I was born and raised in and where I call home, and you have the basic foundation for this blog and the posts I have been sharing over the course of this first year. I’ll be honest, when this all started I wasn’t sure what to expect, but looking back it is easy to say that everything has far exceeded my expectations and hopes for what I would ultimately be able to share.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, it has been interesting to see RI craft beer grow over time and it has been amazing getting to know the brewers and people associated within the industry. Remarking on craft beer’s expansion throughout the country in recent years is stating the obvious but to see its growth and the appreciation for it on a local level has been something I have enjoyed immensely. Each brewer and respective brewery is unique and, in turn, produces a variety of high quality beers not only for locals to enjoy but also brews that have generated buzz from beer lovers near and far. I’ve had the pleasure of living through this progression and take pride in providing a unique prospective for others to read and learn about it.

So one year in… what’s up next for Prost Providence? Ultimately, my goal is to keep providing insightful content for everyone to read and enjoy. The great thing about RI craft beer is that it is progressive and continues to grow, which means exciting new releases both in beers and breweries alike, expansive festivals, unique beer pairings and dinners, and a thriving local bar/restaurant scene that features more local brews and plenty of people who share the same love for this craft just as I do. I’ve honestly only begun to scratch the surface and with each interview, conversation, or interaction there are many more fresh new blog posts to be published. This really has been an awesome journey so far and there is so much more to look forward to in the near and distant future. As always, I want to thank my family, friends, the brewers, those involved in this industry, fellow craft beer enthusiasts and all the other people out there in the community who have supported me along the way. On behalf of Prost Providence, I raise my glass and prost to this first year and many more to follow!