Foolproof Brewery – The Grotto Has Arrived, Brew News and Much More

Since first sitting down with Nick Garrison a while back, it might sound cliché to say, but a lot has been brewing over at Foolproof. They are still working hard at producing their core lineup of beers (which seem to be growing year after year) and actually includes a revised recipe/version of their flagship Backyahd IPA. Nick told me, “We wanted to keep the profile of the beer but made some tweaks to it. We lowered the bitterness, increased the dry hop and introduced El Dorado hops.” Along with this, they also introduced two limited release beers. The first was their Lab Series IPA and the second was their Federal Hill Ale, the latter being a collaboration with famous RI Chef Walter Potenza. It is described as a pale ale brewed with blood oranges as well as saffron and was dry hopped with Mosiac and Citra hops  – hops that help create complementary citrus/tropical fruit flavors and aroma. The beer had a great initial reception and the plan is to brew it again and release it in conjunction with the Columbus Day holiday which is a big celebration on Federal Hill. As you can tell, Foolproof continues to push their creative boundaries and look to provide more new and exciting releases.

Speaking of new releases, the latest and greatest beer coming out of the Pawtucket brewery is called The Grotto. As Nick explained, “It is a New England style IPA. It’s our newest year round beer.  We used a variety of American hops, including Mosaic and Citra, and left the beer itself unfiltered.” When looking at the can, it is a departure from the traditional look you would associate with the rest of their beers and brand image but the name still associates with their theme of pairing beers with different life experiences. “A grotto, which is essentially a hidden cave, can be a place to escape, like a hidden paradise. We wanted to make this beer like a little getaway. There is plenty of juicy flavor and citrus aroma, which you can relate to a tropical paradise.” The crew at the brewery has been ramping up production having not only first the initial release but also subsequent batches in production with the intent to begin rolling it out into the market. There has been a big push on their social media platforms for the big debut. “When it came to brewing this style beer we stayed in tune with what people are drinking and also what we love drinking. We actually learned from the success of our Federal Hill Ale (the two beers share some similarities).” It is an exciting new release for Foolproof and hopefully one that locals and visitors will be coming out to get their hands on.

Along with The Grotto, there continues to be more news coming out of the brewery and plenty of events going on as well. Nick mentioned, “We are working on a new rotating beer series called Forecast, which will be rolling out in new chapters every three months. It is a play on the weather and how it is ever changing here in Rhode Island and the styles of the beers will be more non-traditional. The first one to come out will be a dry hopped session sour ale. “New innovation is definitely an exciting part of the job.” In addition to their existing and innovative beers, there are some great events to keep an eye out for as well. From their most recent Bach & Beer night which was a big success, to Yoga & Beer nights, comedy events and even the upcoming Donut & Beer night (the perfect combo if you ask me).  As Pawtucket continues to be a hotbed for brewing in RI, Foolproof keeps looking to innovate and pair their ever growing beer selection with a variety of different everyday life experiences. With that, whether you plan on attending an upcoming brewery event or are planning to stock up at your local liquor store, be sure to get your hands on The Grotto soon!

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